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  • CMS WEBSITE BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">


  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">


  • SEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">


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  • PRINT COORDINATION BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">



But, What Does It Mean?!

  • DIGITAL MARKETING" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    A series of strategies and practices using both free and premium outlets with the purpose of marketing your product, store, or self strictly through online media.
  • SMM" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Social Media Marketing. The practice of promoting your company and or website through available free social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • CONTENT MARKETING" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Location may be king in real estate but in digital marketing, content is definitely the ruling factor. Content Marketing is a series of philosophies and practices taken into account when creating digital content. Good content must be keyword rich, engaging, creative, and functional. Content Marketing is arguably one of the most important factors to successful digital marketing.
  • SEO" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Search Engine Optimization. A series of methods and practices designed to get your website noticed by and listed in search engine organic listing results.
  • ORGANIC" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Organic, in SEO terms, means search engine listings that have not been paid for through PPC or some other premium avenue.
  • KEYWORD / PHRASE" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Keywords and phrases are bits of your digital content that nutshell your selling points. For instance, if you are selling bicycles for disabled people, out of several paragraphs of content, you may identify a few words and phrases that sum everything up: disability bicycles, bicycles for disabled, accessible bicycles, bicycles, etc.
  • CMS" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Content Management System. In short, a website built using CMS programming and architecture is designed to be editable by people without programming knowledge. Ideally, if you can write an email, you can edit a webpage in a CMS.
  • MASS MAILING" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Mass mailings are exactly what they sound to be - HTML formatted, graphic rich, electronic mailings of various content and purpose. Examples are: Newsletters, Sales Event Notices, Holiday Greetings, Special Event notices, etc. Mass mailings are a powerful way to connect with your existing client base as well as a great way to expand through forwards to friends.
  • BLOG" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    A BLOG is a regularly updated diary esq. website with content tailored to suit your product and your target market. It is a very good way to provide fresh, index-able, searchable content to your website without the need for layout and design.
  • TARGET / TARGET MARKET" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    The collection of people most likely to be interested in your product. Usually identified by socioeconomic, gender, age, and other criteria.
  • CONVERSION" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    A phrase used for turning lookers into buyers. This phrase can also be watered down to include changing lookers into leads. It is dependent on your industry or product.
  • PPC" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Pay Per Click. Many digital marketing strategies enlist PPC services. In short, create a targeted campaign and set a per click and total daily budget. Each time a user clicks your ad, your account is charged.
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Courage–At the Heart of Leadership

Courage, rooted in the French word for heart, Coeur, is where the inner strength to lead is located. Courage making difficult decisions, stepping into an unknown territory, staying true to oneself. Courageous Leadership Coaching will help you become the leader you know you were meant to be.

Why Courageous Leadership Coaching?

Courageous Leadership Coaching works closely with executive and aspiring leaders to discover and access their inner strengths, enabling them to achieve effective and fully developed courageous paths to leadership success. CLC supports leaders who want not only to achieve their goals but also make a difference. Whether leading organizations, business, projects or communities CLC clients are empowered by our coaching techniques, discover they are better able to align what they do with who they are. Through our experienced leadership coaching and expert leadership development programs, our clients learn to ground their leadership practices in their personal strengths thus creating authenticity and satisfaction in their role as leaders. The choices are grounded in the opportunities they are able to develop. We, at Courageous Leadership Coaching, make it our mission to aid in the metamorphosis of average leaders; enabling them to perform at levels of effectiveness they previously thought impossible. Our clients learn that they don’t need to settle for any less then the great leader and wonderful person that lies within them. They are both personally and professionally motivated and capable of achieving the leadership any management goals they set.

Specifically, leaders experience the following benefits from partnering with Courageous Leadership Coaching:
• Access to their inner strength as a foundation to their success
• Ability to engage with and influence the thinking and actions of others
• Capacity to develop and maintain focus while adapting to change
• Awareness in how to be vulnerable without losing power
• Being comfortable with complexity and the unknown
• Listen for understanding and speak for influence

Are You a Leader that can Benefit from CLC?

Simply because you are visiting this website, we are confident a leader is already in you, wanting to bring your leadership effectiveness to the next level. Perhaps you want to enhance your ability to communicate your goals and vision, build successful partnerships, think strategically, or lead collaboratively. You may also want a deeper understanding of how you bring your strengths to the work of leadership and overcome any personal or professional challenges. Or you may be wondering if this is the right position for you and what other opportunities you might want to persue. Are you ready to discover the leader inside you? Do you want to make a difference for yourself and those you lead?


Art! For Your Sake.

burmese headdress Naga Necklace burmese nat family

Looking Montana, Feeling Bali

John P. Anderson, a native of Misoula Montana, has been all over this great wonderful world of ours in search of collecting folk art, artifacts, jewels and jewelry; just about anything that grabbed his attention. While his tastes may be eclectic, his ability to discover fine quality authentic items is laser focused. Fifteen years ago, John opened the doors to his collection under the moniker Folk Art Gallery Bali in Bali Indonesia.

Since the grand opening, the gallery has flourished. Expanding in size several times, it is now a world class source for hand crafted artifacts. While the gallery is located in Bali, our offerings are in no way limited to Balinese art. Quite the contrary, our shelves are teeming with rare and wonderful specialty items like Burmese Nats, stunning Naga jewelry, exquisite textiles, and fine Japanese paper art.

Professional Collector or Curious Wanderer?

We have you covered. In today's competitive market a business needs to be adaptable. Many years ago we found the want for unique folk art objects and good quality eclectic collectibles was equally strong as the want for true pieces of history. To suit this need we have brought into the gallery a wide range of gifts for the non collector. We offer a collection of custom made brass and gemstone jewelry from jUjU Art Jewelry. We have hand crafted paper goods, note books, and cards. And we have trinkets and curios from all over the world.

Whatever your desire, we are sure we have something for you. Shop online, or come have some tea with us in the gallery. We are happy to have you.

Folk Art Gallery Bali


Jungle Girl Jewelry

sofalla girlJungle Girl is a family owned and operated business on the Garden Isle of Kauai in Hawaii . Our retail store opened in June 1998, and our wholesale company began in January 2006.

Jungle Girl Jewelry is an affordable fun & funky line of handcrafted jewelry from the tropical island of Bali. The designs often utilize elements found in nature: farmed or found shells, sea glass, sponge coral, coconut shell, polished water buffalo bone and horn. Design influences come from the many islands of Indonesia; each with its own unique living culture.

Our jewelry celebrates the beauty and diversity of all women.

Trust in Experience

FairTradeFed LogoJUJU Art Jewelry is the culmination of over 30 years of jewelry design, creation, and folk art experiences. Owned and operated by John P. Anderson, JUJU Art Jewelry operates in Bali, Indonesia. We pride ourselves on our relationships with everyone involved with JUJU - from employees, to clients, to craftsmen. Rishashay, and now JUJU Art Jewelry have practiced Fair Trade principles long before they became fashionable. As an official member of the Fair Trade Federation for over 13 years (under Rishashay), you can rest assured that the only JUJU at JUJU is good JUJU!

Wholesale Prices With Retail Understanding

We understand just how competitive and fickle the retail world can be and we use this experience to tailor our products and services, to help your company grow and prosper.

Affordable eclectic with a magical feel; all of our jewelry conforms to, while defying convention and exploring human desires that go well beyond the ordinary.

All of our JUJU Art Jewelry is handmade from beginning to end, one unique piece at a time. All our creations are made in small quantities and hand finished, only after you place your order. Keeping stock on hand to a minimum is just one way JUJU Art Jewelry helps ensure the very lowest prices possible.

Designs With Brass

JUJU Art Jewelry works principally with brass, as it is a durable, beautiful and affordable metal. Our brass is of the finest German quality, is lead free, and tarnish proof due to our NANO bonded protective coating.

If you have any questions regarding our products or wholesale jewelry services, please don't hesitate to send us an email. We will do our absolute best to answer your inquiry within 2 business days. Or, if you prefer, please call Linda during business hours, 9-5 Singapore Time. Note that there is a 10 - 12 hour difference between Bali and US time zones.

+62 081 338 332 373
+62 361 738 113

Remember, we are on Singapore time with operating hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday through Saturday.