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  • CMS WEBSITE BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">


  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">


  • SEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">


  • LOGO, BRAND, IDENTITY FLAT:" data-mosaic-order-date="">


  • PRINT / HOURLY DESIGN BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">


  • PRINT COORDINATION BASE:" data-mosaic-order-date="">



But, What Does It Mean?!

  • DIGITAL MARKETING" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    A series of strategies and practices using both free and premium outlets with the purpose of marketing your product, store, or self strictly through online media.
  • SMM" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Social Media Marketing. The practice of promoting your company and or website through available free social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • CONTENT MARKETING" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Location may be king in real estate but in digital marketing, content is definitely the ruling factor. Content Marketing is a series of philosophies and practices taken into account when creating digital content. Good content must be keyword rich, engaging, creative, and functional. Content Marketing is arguably one of the most important factors to successful digital marketing.
  • SEO" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Search Engine Optimization. A series of methods and practices designed to get your website noticed by and listed in search engine organic listing results.
  • ORGANIC" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Organic, in SEO terms, means search engine listings that have not been paid for through PPC or some other premium avenue.
  • KEYWORD / PHRASE" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Keywords and phrases are bits of your digital content that nutshell your selling points. For instance, if you are selling bicycles for disabled people, out of several paragraphs of content, you may identify a few words and phrases that sum everything up: disability bicycles, bicycles for disabled, accessible bicycles, bicycles, etc.
  • CMS" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Content Management System. In short, a website built using CMS programming and architecture is designed to be editable by people without programming knowledge. Ideally, if you can write an email, you can edit a webpage in a CMS.
  • MASS MAILING" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Mass mailings are exactly what they sound to be - HTML formatted, graphic rich, electronic mailings of various content and purpose. Examples are: Newsletters, Sales Event Notices, Holiday Greetings, Special Event notices, etc. Mass mailings are a powerful way to connect with your existing client base as well as a great way to expand through forwards to friends.
  • BLOG" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    A BLOG is a regularly updated diary esq. website with content tailored to suit your product and your target market. It is a very good way to provide fresh, index-able, searchable content to your website without the need for layout and design.
  • TARGET / TARGET MARKET" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    The collection of people most likely to be interested in your product. Usually identified by socioeconomic, gender, age, and other criteria.
  • CONVERSION" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    A phrase used for turning lookers into buyers. This phrase can also be watered down to include changing lookers into leads. It is dependent on your industry or product.
  • PPC" data-mosaic-order-date="">


    Pay Per Click. Many digital marketing strategies enlist PPC services. In short, create a targeted campaign and set a per click and total daily budget. Each time a user clicks your ad, your account is charged.
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I Have a Website - I'm Gonna Be Rich!

There are a few anecdotal stories floating around out there about the magic website flooded with traffic and sales after its first day visible to the public. To this, we say "Show Me"!

A website is a wonderful opportunity to successfully sell products online or to increase traffic to your brick and mortar store. HOWEVER! Just like any opportunity, a website needs to be cared for and actively managed.

Just like a brick and mortar store, a website needs to be found by clients. A good site, properly programed, and utilizing the latest search engine visibility practices and tricks, will get traffic from simple search engine queries - just like people driving by would see a store sign. But, that's a limited market. To succeed, your website needs to be advertised and promoted - just like any store would.



This is where it starts getting complicated. There are so many valid options out there, and a lot of SCAMS too. The following are just a few optins available. If you would like a marketing plan custom fitted to your needs and budget, just let us know.

Social Networking

Social networking (SN for short) is the practice of using free social network applications like facebook and Twitter to get your website and products in front of people. This is a great tool if properly used and should not be passed up.

Paid Advertising

Just like a brick and mortar store, advertising is a must. There are many great budget minded solutions out there, like Google Adwords, and facebook ads. With these "pay per click" services, you set your daily and monthly budget and your ads run until that budget is met. A great feature is that your success is track-able, and adds can be refined at any time.


Eblast is a fancy web name for a Newsletter or mailing. Just like those presorted first class glossy printed sales cards you get in the mail, Eblasts are custom designed mailings, designed to fit your website brand, that get your products in-front of a targeted list. WITHOUT expensive printing and postage costs. Very good results are achieved by thinking like a client. What information would I like to receive? Sales? Freebies? Specials? Notices?

Following are a few SCAMS to steer clear of:

Guaranteed Followers

Social Networking relies on "followers" - or people who want to hear what you have to say or see what you have to sell. There are MANY MANY unscrupulous entities out there that promise ridiculous results, like 1000 followers for $100!!! 9 times out of ten, these "followers" are false accounts created specifically for this purpose. This means that sure, you technically now have 1000 followers, but those followers will never equate to sales - because they don't really exist!

Back Links

Back links are links from other websites that lead to yours. Just like fake Social Network accounts, there are MANY MANY entities out there that promise X amount of back links for X amount of dollars. And, just like fake SN accounts, these entities have thousands of fake websites that they have created - to which they add your website link. You may as well throw your hard earned dollars into the gutter.

Website Optimization

Now, this one is a bit more tricky. All website owners are receiving more and more unsolicited emails from "professional web-designers" scouring the net for contact forms, and promising that they can increase traffic to your website by changing this or that. They will throw in notes about SEO and html errors. Sometimes, this will actually be true! But, often, its not. There are several reasons that html errors can be shown and not all of them are important. And, yes indeed, proper formatting and programming of your website is very important to its "visibility" on search engines. But, its up to you whether or not you trust your programmer or designer. If you don't trust them, find one you can and stick with them.

A general rule, if you receive an unsolicited email from an entity promising you the moon:

Guaranteed Search Engine Results! X amount of Back Links! X amount of Followers! We Can Improve your sites SEO!

BEFORE you email them back, have a quick look at the email address. Does it look like a real company? Something like: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?

Or, does it look like one of these?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are skeptical of any offer, next, see if they have a website. Obviously, you can't check Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo - etc. accounts. But, in the case of the @webeeer address, the @ shows that there should be a company website with the company name following the @ symbol - like www.webbeeeer.com. Just  type the part after the @ into a browser bar, add .com, hit return, and see what comes back. Doesn't exist? Doesn't work? Shows something not related to the offer? Steer clear! YUP! We get SPAM too.

Questions? Want a customized marketing strategy? Click Here.